- Steps to Setup Roku Link Code Activation

Are you finding a device that will make your TV into an entertaining box? So now be tension-free, because has made your dream come true. RokuĀ  is such a device that provides a beat quality of video streaming. The best quality of videos like 4k videos, HD videos, etc. You can enjoy your favorite channels and movies on Roku TV. Roku can give you a subscription to various channels. It can also give free channels without any subscription. You can even watch Netflix on the Roku link tv. You can even get the daily serials, sports, news channels, songs, and lots of entertaining channels. Nowadays Roku got its own TV system no need for separate devices to enjoy the shows.
Have you created your own Roku Link Code Activation account on Roku? If no, then follow the steps below to create an account on Roku:-

Create a roku link account:-
  • Creating an account on Roku link code is not so tough, but before that connecting the device to your television is the
  • most important step, so that you can get the keycode to create an account on Roku link.
  • To connect the device to tv and switch on the TV. Then after that, you will see the six-digit code displayed on the TV screen, note down that code for further use while creating an account.
  • Now let's move towards creating an accounting process.
  • Firstly take the smartphone or any device.
  • Then open the browser of the device. Then search for
  • You will see Roku's main sign-up Page displayed on the screen.
  • Now to create a new account click on Create an Account.
  • After that, you will see a form on the screen. Then fill in the entire credentials.
  • There enter your name, email, password, etc., and submit the form.
  • For confirming the account you will as well as get a mail on your email address.
  • To confirm your account the mail will contain a roku link, click on that link.
  • Then enter the first two letters of the security answer you have entered.
  • Then confirm the account.
  • Here your account is confirmed and created successfully.
Now here the account creating steps are completed. What's next? The next step is how to join your account with your device and TV. Follow the below steps:- Activate Steps

  • Now sign-up for the account you have already created.
  • Then you will see three dots in the upper corner.
  • Click on those dots, those dots are of menus.
  • So click on the menu option.
  • In the menu option, you will find Add a device or Connect a device option.
  • Click on those options.
  • Then a box of entering link code will appear.
  • Now enter the six-digit link code into the box which you have noted down before.
  • Then click on submit option below.
  • The device is finally connected to your account.
  • You will see the device connected successfully on your TV screen.
  • After that, you will see the select language option. Select your language and you are good to go or ready to add your favorite channels.
This was the step of creating and joining the account of Roku link to Roku device. Let's see how to buy the subscription to Follow the steps below to buy the paid subscription.

Before You Go For Premium Account (Try Roku Link First)

Note that you can even get the free trial of Roku for 30 days. But to buy the subscription you require to fill following requirements, for more info see how you can contact Roku :-
  1. Now go into the menu of the Roku account you have created.
  2. Then see for the buying options.
  3. Then you will see various packages of
  4. Select the package according to you.
  5. Then enter your payment details i.e card details or any other you want.
  6. Now proceed for payment.
  7. Then you will get an OTP on your mobile number.
  8. Enter that OTP and proceed for payment.
  9. The payment will be successful and you will get the subscription automatically.
  10. The channels will be available according to your subscription package.
  11. This is all about roku link code.